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One stop shop for songwriting on your own or with multiple people. Easy splitsheet and copyright auto input.

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  • Manage Account

    Control how you want Song Society App to work for you.

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  • Public Profile and Song Dashboard

    Update your status, open your old and new songs, and see who following you.

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  • Shared Song Space

    Customize your song environment. Add segments, attach your music and record your voice. You can also add other song writers.

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Song Society App provides a turnkey solution that allows both professionals and aspiring songwriters the ability to have the entire songwriting process completed in one step rather than several steps across multiple platforms. This mobile app allows for writing collaboration among artists by accurately logging the percent of ownership of each song and

directly applying the information into proper documentation for the purposes of copyright and licensing. Song Society App also features idea voice recording, saved chat history, saved song activity log, ability to control contributor access, and other audit friendly features that will ease the mind of any professional or aspiring songwriters.

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Power to Organize

Song Society App gives the user the power to organize their lyrics into bars and song segments as they see fit.

Ability to Invite

Song Society App gives the user the ability to invite other users into a session and visually keeps track of any material the contributor may enter.

Monitors and Calculates

Song Society App monitors and calculates each users contribution to the song, and gives you an estimate of their total percent of contribution.

Power to Request

Song Society App gives the user the power to request percentage acceptance from co-writers as well as auto fill of co-writers information for split-sheet submission; the standard split sheet is auto-filled and emailed to each user.

Standard Copyright

Song Society App provided the standard copyright form auto-filled and emailed to each co-writer.

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Some of the Communication savvy features of Song Society
Orpheus Real time Collaboration
Most important!! Securing work

The goal of Song Society App is to make the songwriting process easier by opening up the world as well as securing your work once you do.

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